Looking back on senior year, I just realized how much I hate it. The year I’ve been looking forward to since freshman year, that year to relax, take it easy, that year to take a breather, slow down, enjoy the view and the climb, but as it reaches its climax, I find myself hating this year more than ever. This is the year of endless stress, anxiety, expectations and self-deprecation. The me, who once smiled at challenges, assessed situations with optimism, has been reduced to this person, who is too tired to be a contender in any obstacles life has to offer, too anxious to test the waters. Every ounce of happiness is quickly consumed and replaced my gallons and gallons of sadness and doubt. Every turn or step I take, I find myself bombarded with expectations, expectations from DC, from my family, friends, my 400 members, and when I try to run, my only route leads to a mirror where I face the largest burden of all, my own self- expectations. Then I meet their expectations with a frown on my face, and just like that they cycle starts again. Am I truly happy? Have I been truly happy? I don’t even know the answer to that question. Have I been putting a smile on my face for so long that I finally believe that I’m happy? Where do I go to get a break, because I honestly feel like I’m drowning. 

I guess that’s the thing about relationships. Eventually, they’re going to hurt.

26 Feb 14 at 10 pm

Asked by Anonymous

asker Where did you get your burgundy prom dress from last year?